• A Dua Christmas

A Dua Christmas

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A Dua Original Blend.

The fireplace burns bright as the family gathers around the illuminated tree on Christmas morning to unwrap gifts and exchange sentiments of love and togetherness. Gingerbread cookies lay out on the nearby coffee table for kids to snack on in between each present they open. A sweet warmth emerges from the kitchen to fill the room with a decadently spicy aroma that reminds us why this is our favorite time of the year. Father sips his wine while the children frolic about with their spoils. December 25th has become synonymous with cheer, excitement, and our most treasured moments. We know this is a special time for us all, so we made sure the notes for this latest creation were brought together creatively and thoughtfully. A delightful cherry accent expands the vanillic warmth that complements the spicy accents of the fragrance so beautifully. Cinnamon and chocolate create a mouthwatering sensation while oak grounds the fragrance with its antique personality. A Dua Christmas is our expression of what we love the most about the most anticipated holiday of the year. Now we have something by which we can remember it for the other 364 days. Have a merry, scented Christmas!


NOTES: Gingerbread, Grapes, Cherry, Oak, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Red Wine.

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

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