About Us

Dua Fragrances is an independent niche fragrance house located in the United States. We provide handcrafted parfum extract fragrances using natural oils that last on your skin several times longer than many of the favorites in the fragrance world!

Perfumer, CEO & Owner, Mahsam Raza, was trained in Dubai and has now brought his talents back home to the United States to share his passion and unsurpassed quality parfum extracts with all fragrance enthusiasts. All fragrances, before release go thru rigorous QC & stability tests under the supervision of Mahsam Raza. In addition to this, our raw ingredients are procured thru the absolute best manufacturers such as: IFF, Firmenich, Givuadan, & Robertet; to name a few. The natural ingredienfts that Dua Fragrances extracts are comprised of, are harvested and procured from around the world, then processed and concocted in Europe under careful supervision of IFRA certified chemists before their transport to the United States where they are skillfully mixed and handcrafted by Mahsam Raza.

Marketing Director & Co-owner, Michael Miksa, oversees the strategies that bring Dua Fragrances to life. From print media to digital media, from website customization to marketing strategies, Michael Miksa has taken on the task of constantly growing the image and visibility of Dua Fragrances with brand and product positioning as well as highlighting Dua's unique selling proposition to its target market, you, the fragrance lover and enthusiast.

Dua Fragrances parfum extracts truly are for both the fragrance connoisseur who values quality above all things, and the everyday person that wants to be sure they are the best smelling individual in the room.

Return Policy: Dua Fragrances, like most all fragrance companies and distributors, does not accept refunds or exchanges. This is due to the fact that once a fragrance is shipped to a customer, we can not guarantee that it has not been used or tampered with, therefore, it can not be resold by Dua Fragrances. If a fragrance you purchased just happens to not be your style or to your liking, we suggest reselling it on platforms such as Facebook fragrance groups where there is a market for such resales.

International Shipping Liability Disclaimer: Dua Fragrances gladly provides worldwide shipping, however all international shipments are at the liability of the buyer. We take all appropriate steps to ensure your package reaches you safely, and we've had great success doing so, but there are variables such as international customs, VAT, and any other taxes or expenses, that are out of the control of Dua Fragrances and the responsibility of the buyer. Thank you so much for your interest in Dua Fragrances!