• Vert Instinct

Vert Instinct

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Inspired by Creed Green Valley.

Inspired by the sought-after vaulted gem from juggernaut Parisian-British Niche house, Creed. Vert Instinct was triggered by the traditions involving the game of golf, green in nature, and the outdoors. Motivated by the French countryside, the scent celebrates the pleasures, recreation, and the finest moments of leisure in life. The scent possesses all of the right qualities and fine ingredients needed for a fantastic all year-round signature scent. The archetype of the outstanding modern green genre.  A true made-to-measure composition, infallible, this scent is free spirited, exuding freedom and refinement at its best.

CLASSIFICATION: Aromatic-chypre

TOP NOTES: Tuscan Mandarin and Sicilian Bergamot.

MID NOTES: Ginger and Blackcurrant.

BASE NOTES: Ambergris and Musk.

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

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